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At the DeWitt Veterinary Clinic, we are committed to providing a lifetime of high-quality, compassionate and knowledgeable medical care. We realize the importance of keeping your family pets in good health. We offer several services to help achieve that goal. 

  • Comprehensive Physical Exams & Routine Immunization:
  •  New puppy & kitten exams – give your new pet a healthy start 
  •  Annual physical exams – ensure your pet’s continued health and identify health risks early  while they can still be corrected 
  •  Senior exams – older pets are more susceptible to illness; they should receive more thorough  care 
  • Internal Medicine: We offer a range of services including dermatology, gastroenterology, neurology, endocrinology and more. 
  • In-house Laboratory: We are able to perform complete blood counts and chemistry panels to assess your pet’s organ function. We also run urinalysis, cytologies and intestinal parasite screening in the clinic. In most cases these results are available the same day. More advanced testing including bacterial cultures, hormonal testing, tissue biopsies and allergy testing can be accessed through one of several reference laboratories that we work with. 
  • Surgical Services: Routine procedures including spays, neuters, declaws and growth removals are performed on a regular basis. More complex procedures such as exploratories, cystotomies and amputations are also available. Some orthopedic procedures (cruciate ligament repairs and patellar stabilization) can be done in-house, as well. All surgeries are performed under gas anesthesia with close monitoring. Pain management is an integral part of every procedure. 
  • Complete Veterinary Pharmacy: We stock a wide variety of medications and supplements to treat acute and chronic conditions. 
  • Radiology: Our digital x-ray machine shows us detailed imaging, with same day results. 
  • Dentistry: Oral disease can affect the general health of your pet. We are capable of performing thorough dental cleanings and examinations. Teeth are cleaned with an ultrasonic scaler, polished and treated with fluoride. When extractions are necessary, they can be performed at the time of the cleaning. 
  • Pain Management: Animals suffer pain from arthritis or injury, just as we do. Several medications and nutritional supplements are available to manage their discomfort. 
  • Microchip identification: Microchips are a reliable permanent method of identifying your pet. Additional benefits include access to a poison control help line and travel assistance for recovered pets.
  • Weight Management & Nutritional Counseling: Obesity is a growing problem among pets, and it can lead to serious medical conditions. Maintenance of an appropriate weight is essential to a long and healthy life. Additionally, some medical conditions require special diets. 
  • Euthanasia/Hospice Care: It is always difficult to say good-bye to an ill or aged pet. When necessary, our goal is to help you to do so in a caring and compassionate manner. Remains can be handled in accordance with the owner’s wishes. 
  • Emergency Services: We are currently the only clinic in DeWitt offering after-hours care. Our regular clients can enjoy peace of mind knowing that if an emergency arises on evenings or weekends, they can consult with a veterinarian. Our on-call doctor will discuss the situation and determine how best to manage your pet. Many after-hours emergencies can be dealt with at our clinic. For more extreme situations, we may refer to an emergency clinic.




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