Now offering In Vitro Fertilization! 


What are the Advantages of In Vitro? 

  • Can collect pregnant cows up to 100 days bred.

  • Less semen required 

  • Higher fertilization rate when using sexed semen

  • Can collect a cow every two weeks

  • Can split collection into multiple matings 


What do we do? 

  • Oocytes will be collected at our lab and sent to Boviteq same day. 
  • Boviteq will fertilize oocytes in their lab and send back to us fresh or frozen to be put in.


Working with Boviteq::

  • State of the art lab in Madison, Wi. 
  • Focus is on quality of oocytes and quality of embryos
  • Consistent results


About Our Facility::

  • Newly constructed specifically for embryo transfer and in vitro fertilization
  • Temperature controlled, clean collection area with laboratory to ensure consistency of results and reduce risk of contamination
  • Donor housing available
  • Easy access 1 mile west of Hwy 61 and Hwy 30, west junction at De Witt
  • Full time staff to monitor and care for your cows daily





For questions about pricing, please call 563.659.5231